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Health and Social Care

Nicholas Timmins looks at the shifting nature of the funding divide in England's health and social care systems, from pre-NHS to the current day.

The cost of social care

Social care is means-tested which means that, if you have income or wealth, you may be asked to contribute or pay in full for services.


In England, if you are moving into a care home and have more than £23,250 in savings or assets (including your property, if no one else lives there), you will usually have to pay the full cost for the care home fees.


If you have less than £23,250, or your spouse or another dependent still lives in your home, you may qualify for council-funded care. The rules setting out how these payments work are set nationally by the Government.

The issue of how social care should be funded to cope with demographic change is one which successive Governments have attempted to address.


This report introduces the Government’s announcements made in early 2013 to introduce a cap on social care costs and a revised means test, effective from April 2016, and the Care Bill introduced in May 2013 to reform the social care system.


PDF, 18 Pages

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Barker Commission

The commission on the future of health and social care in England, established by the King’s Fund  has unveiled a plan for extending free at the point of need care into social services.


The final report from the independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England examines the current health and social care systems and proposes a new approach that redesigns care around individual needs.

Illustrated summary of the Barker Commission's final report

Healthcare and social should be better intergrated

Commission on the future of health and social care finds that social care needs much more funding

care home fees

A major new report that calls for much greater integration between health and social care with a unified budget and single commissioners for local services.

The Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England, established by the King’s Fund proposes a simpler pathway of support through the health and social care system, with care designed around patients’ needs.


Attendance allowance, the benefit paid to older people with care needs, would be brought into the single social and health care budget, and the government should consider making local health and wellbeing boards the single local commissioner of integrated services, the report says.

Social care reform:

funding care for the future